Words About


Weston Hudspeth

The author is just like anyone of us that has seen the worst and happiest days in life. When there was something to be pleased about, it was mostly to celebrate the bond of togetherness and company. However, life is unpredictable, and that made Weston Hudspeth, the author of the book, take on a path that leads to inspiration. As for the author, he is trying his best to be as healthy as possible in writing about the experiences that made him feel the most depressed and worst he ever felt before. While he was graduate and working at an excellent place that kept the roof over his head and food on his plate every night, there was still something missing. That something was to affect him so badly to the point of insanity. The more the author tried to blur out his past, the more painful it was getting. It began to affect him, and that is what got him to where he is today – a better person. He has always wanted to share light and positivity among his friends, and now he gives it to the world. After having gone through training and receiving help from every corner, Weston Hudspeth became happier and more optimistic about the life he was to live. This is the same knowledge he wants to bring forward in his debut book.