Get Through Your Breakup – Find Yourself, And Thrive.

Get Through Your Breakup – Find Yourself And Thrive is an autobiography of Weston Hudspeth and will talk in detail about the problems of not having a partner. While that is not something ordinary to read about, especially from firsthand experience of a breakup, it does provide some helpful insights about our lives. The story begins immediately from the fresh feeling after a breakup. The author is feeling more lost than ever, empty, and like all the life was sucked out of him, a feeling that is quite familiar. The author further goes on to describe the long and painful days when his breath was short and there was a constant knot in his stomach. It was such a depressing feeling that seemed impossible for Weston to let go. This book is a helping guide for all those souls suffering from a broken heart. It takes you through the process of what happens when going through a breakup, the stages of grief and how you can recover from it. Different ways are highlighted so you can heal your broken heart and learn to love yourself again, finding peace and happiness in life. The intention of writing this book was to help others who have gone through or are going through a breakup and do not have someone to talk them through it.

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Get Through

Your Breakup – Find Yourself And Thrive

All of us need to come out of the worst phase in our lives and that is only possible if we get the best assistance. The author wants to provide that assistance through his book, “Get Through Your Breakup – Find Yourself, And Thrive.”


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